"We strive to provide easily accessible products to solve the needs of independent business. We work hard behind the scenes to provide cutting edge products in the work comp marketplace that provide solutions for any business. We make in house underwriting decisions that eliminate the middle man."

Our Mission

Madison Insurance Group is here is assist independent businesses receive quotes for hard to place work comp accounts. We can also provide monthly reporting pay as you go insurance programs so you only pay premium on the actual payroll run through your business. Whether your insurance is up for renewal or you just want to test the waters of the workers' compensation marketplace, we can provide a fast easy comparative solution. MIG is the latest resource to companies in the ever changing insurance marketplace. Complete the form or upload your applications to receive a no hassle quote from a knowledgeable member of our team. 

Our sole purpose is to assist you in saving money while providing the coverage you need. We strive to provide quick and accurate quotes to our customers and we have the ability to work with deductibles or premium to try and make any account make sense. Our experience and high standards for customer service are making us a leader in the work comp industry. Our business model is uniquely positioned to help in hard to place risks... High experience mods or prior claims aren't too tough for us to tackle. We pride ourselves in achieving the highest results available and we don't get paid until we find you a solution.

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Who We Are...

"Your proven work comp SOLUTION"

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